Amstel Lounge

Enjoy the famous Royal Afternoon Tea while looking out over the Amstel River

With its classic interior, its location in the heart of the InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam and its wonderful views, the Amstel Lounge has a long history as this famous hotel’s place to meet. Its deep blue walls complement the stunning crystal chandeliers, creating a calm atmosphere; perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, or the delightful Royal Afternoon Tea or Late Tea.

Guests at the Royal Afternoon Tea will enjoy a series of culinary delights: a selection of exquisite teas accompanied by four courses, starting with savoury and ending with sweet. The Late Tea is an equally spectacular experience. Each and every aspect of these dining concepts is professionally explained, informing and enhancing the taste sensations of every bite. Each of the four courses are accompanied by a carefully selected tea, some of which even include a special alcoholic infusion.

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