Apicius |*|

The coastal village of Bakkum is renowned not only for its sand dunes and woodlands but also for Apicius, its Michelin-starred restaurant. Apicius, named after the Roman gourmand believed to be the world’s first cookbook author, is run by the De Winter brothers: Head Chef Thorvald and Maître D’ Gaylord. Schooled in classic French cuisine, Thorvald has integrated modern elements into his exceptional cooking. No matter what the dish – fish, vegetables or game – the basis is locally-sourced seasonal ingredients with outstanding taste. Gaylord’s passion is wine: the selection at Apicius includes some 300 wines, covering all of the major chateaux, domaines, regions and countries, and featuring many bottles from smaller vineyards. The prestigious Wine Spectator magazine has crowned Apicius’ selection with its Best Award of Excellence.

The menu recommends wine pairings to accompany the unique culinary creations of the chef. Choose between 3-, 4- and 5-course menus, the chef’s all-in menu that includes champagne and wine pairings for all courses, or à la carte. According to Michelin, the restaurant received its 2020 star for its ‘top products that are processed with finesse, distinct flavours, and dishes that are prepared at an equally high level’.

Van der Mijleweg 16, 1901 KD Bakkum

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