Have a special experience with Gassan

Discover distinctive events and have a special experience with Gassan

When visiting the historic Gassan factory in Amsterdam, dedicated staff supervise your party and welcome you with a hot drink and pastry (possibly showing your own logo). After this reception, a welcoming speech by one of the Marketing & Sales staff or possibly by the chief executive officer (subject to availability) follows. You’ll also receive a presentation on the history of the former steam-driven diamond factory before starting the tour, which explains how a rough diamond is polished to a dazzling brilliance. This programme lasts approximately one hour.


Additionally, Gassan offer a number of workshops, which provide greater insight into the distinctive features of the diamond business. Each workshop lasts approximately 20 minutes. Below is an explanation of the workshops.

• Showroom – You are given a detailed explanation in terms of determining the quality of a diamond, based on the C 4 system (carat, colour, clarity, cut). Guests are shown loose polished diamonds of different qualities. During the explanation in the showroom, your guests can use the jewellery cleaning service. This costs €5 per person (based on 4 pieces of jewellery per person).

• Laboratory – A demonstration of how Gassan Diamonds makes certificates using a special computer system. You can also view a real diamond under the microscope and check it for any impurities.

• Atelier – In the atelier, a goldsmith will explain what the various activities are and will give your guests a peek behind the scenes. There is also time for questions, which will be answered in detail.

• Watch lecture – For a group with a maximum of 50 people, a watch expert will give a special lecture about Haute Horlogerie. They will explain the latest techniques, design, trends and developments of watchmaking. An exclusive collection of watches will be shown. It is also possible to give a lecture about a specific brand.

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