The Dutch Green Venice

The elongated village Giethoorn is located in one of the largest areas of the Nature Association for, NP “De Wieden”. Along with the “Weerribben” it constitutes the largest continuous fenland NP areas in northern Europe.

Way back in time peat diggers took peat from the soil, leaving it to dry and later cut peat. In two large floods (1776 and 1825) these vulnerable drying banks were washed away and lakes arose around Giethoorn. To transport the peat they dug ditches and canals that resulted in the typical village structure of Giethoorn. The traditional transportation for Giethoorn is the handmade wooden “Gieterse Punter” (A small sailing barge).

Today there is also the ‘whisper’ boat. An easy to use, environment-friendly, noiseless electric version. Furthermore, Giethoorn is an excellent starting point for canoe & boating trips through the area. Another possibility to appreciate Giethoorn from the water is by a (covered) boat.

The village offers a number of special museums. For a varying range of art, you are welcome in the various Giethoorn (art) galleries to see craftsmen at work. In the summer you can combine your visit with special events (musical or cultural). In winter the “West Overijssel” area is one of the finest Dutch skating areas, the ice will give you access to unique places… All these and more are plenty of reasons to stay a day or longer in Giethoorn!

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