Graphite by Peter Gast |*|

A delightful surprise in the middle of Amsterdam: a Michelin-starred restaurant with a ‘secret’ speakeasy entrance. Guests enter by scanning in their QR code, which they receive after booking via the restaurant’s website. The experience starts with an imaginative cocktail at the bar before being seated in the dining room. Expect a romantically lit interior that is both intimate and spacious, with comfortable armchairs, round tables and filmy curtains for privacy.

Diners can choose between tastings of 8, 10, 15 or 20 intriguing preparations (one dish for example is called ‘Zeeuwse oyster/scorched pineapple/apple cider from Lochem/kale/salty plants’), or an à la carte menu from three categories: ‘no meat no fish’, ‘of the land’ or ‘from the sea’. Guests have reviewed the dishes as ‘magical’, ‘exquisite’ and ‘to die for’.

Reserve well in advance, as only 20 guests are served each sublime evening. Owner Peter Gast, who earned an earlier Michelin star at his previous restaurant in Zutphen, has no regrets about moving to Amsterdam: ‘I wanted a swinging place with happy people. Sort of a “shake your tail feather” feeling.’

Paardenstraat 15III, 1017 CX Amsterdam

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