July – September 2021

— July —

Royal Concertgebouw Summer Series
The Royal Concertgebouw, 1 July to 24 August 2021
The grand Concertgebouw is home to one of the world’s most renowned orchestras, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. In addition, the concert hall offers a plethora of concerts by illustrious visiting orchestras, ensembles and choirs throughout the year. Its annual summer series takes place in July and August and is an integral part of the city’s summer cultural calendar, pushing the boundaries with classical concerts, swinging jazz and lively pop offerings.

Pride Amsterdam
Across town, 31 July to 8 August 2021
Pride Amsterdam is arguably the world’s most renowned celebration of equality for the gay, lesbian, transgender, queer and intersex around the globe, attracting more than 350,000 participants and visitors, with dance parties, film screenings, sporting events, debates, exhibitions and much more. One of its famous highlights is the world-famous Canal Parade, which will take place on August 7th. From fabulous frocks and glittery glam to cultural celebrations and artistic performances, check out the top events slated for Pride this year.

— August —

Artis in the evening
Artis, June – July – August 2021
In June, July and August, ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo will be open every Saturday until sunset. There will be workshops for children and performances by famous artists and emerging musicians. Picnic in the grass or order a pizza from our outdoor kitchen. Learn how to make your own compost with the bokashi method or listen to stories about cycles in nature. The evening concludes with a special guided tour of the park at twilight. Off to ARTIS!

— September —

Open Monuments day Amsterdam
Various locations, 11 and 12 September 2021
The historic Amsterdam buildings and monuments that will be welcoming visitors have been selected for their remarkable architecture, interiors or because they are creative spaces. Others have works of art in or on them or are connected to various trades and crafts. As well as the chance to explore these buildings and hear stories from people who’ve been involved with them for long periods of their lives or from other experts, there is a fantastic programme of walks, boat and cycling tours, lectures and an extensive schedule of activities for kids and younger audiences.

Klassiek op het Amstelveld (classical music on the Amstelveld)
Amstelveld, date t.b.a.
Up-and-coming classical talents and established ensembles, choirs and orchestras perform at Klassiek op het Amstelveld, as the square turns into one big stage. The programme typically features an impressive collection of talented soloists and ensembles, as well as an open stage and several stalls.

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