Restaurant Daalder

Restaurant Daalder

In 2021, Daalder joined the list of Amsterdam’s Michelin-starred restaurants. This former neighborhood pub, located in the Jordaan, is now a high-quality bistro. Daalder’s fantastic kitchen team is headed by patron-cuisinier, Dennis Huwaë. He has a clear vision: serving the best food in a relaxed environment.

His creativity is fueled by Asian influences and his Indonesian roots. Combinations such as fresh grapefruit, the subtle spiciness of curry paste with soft-boiled squid will delight you. His repertoire also includes powerful lamb gravy enriched with drops of strawberry coulis. Chef Huwaë is always looking for variety and surprise. He is meticulous but generous at the same time. So rest assured: a blissful experience awaits you at Daalder.

Lindengracht 90, 1015 KK, Amsterdam 

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