The Tailor

A tailor-made cocktail for everyone

It’s the year 1856. Twenty-two-year-old A.W. Krasnapolsky arrives in Amsterdam. With a tailoring diploma in his pocket, the young clothier secures a job at ‘Winkel van Sinkel’, following in the footsteps of his sewing father and grandfather. After a hard day’s work, Krasnapolsky often finds relaxation in one of the coffee houses around Dam Square. In 1866, the aspiring entrepreneur takes over a coffee house that would become the foundation of the legacy we know today. At cocktail bar The Tailor, they pay tribute to the old craft of the founder with tailor-made and bespoke cocktails. The art of tailoring is stitched inseparably together with the menu and the decor. The Tailor is part of NH Collection Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky. Together with renowned mixologist Tess Posthumus (Best Female Bartender Worldwide 2015), the bar proudly presents a selection of bespoke cocktails. Discover which tailor-made drink fits you like a glove.

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