Discover Holland’s highlights and heritage

What makes the small country of the Netherlands so great? Discover it all in Madurodam. In this unique theme park in the green heart of The Hague you experience all of Holland’s highlights and heritage through 338 beautifully detailed miniatures, 21 playful interactions and 4 indoor attractions.
The park is a one hour drive from Amsterdam and situated nearby the Keukenhof, which makes it the perfect destination for a daytrip.

All of Holland in a few hours
At Madurodam you can visit the Peace Palace of The Hague, the Dom Tower of Utrecht, colourful tulip fields, a cheese market and the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum, all on one location and within in a few hours. This makes it a must-see destination when you are visiting the Netherlands! And when you do so, don’t forget to discover all about the Dutch roots of New York in the new indoor attraction Nieuw Amsterdam.

Known for its scenic beauty
Madurodam provides a perfect combination of an amusement park, historical heritage and world-class nature. With more than 5,500 miniature trees and 55,000 flower bed plants blossoming all season, the park is known for its scenic beauty.

Ever since the opening in 1952 Madurodam has been one of the most iconic places in the Netherlands. It is in the top 5 of the most visited theme parks in the country, and the perfect day out for visitors of all ages.

George Maduroplein 1, 2584 RZ Den Hague

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