Royal Coster Diamonds

Exceptionally Rich Legacy of Royal Clientèle

Royal Coster Diamonds has the highest quality diamonds of Amsterdam and the best service as well. We offer the most beautiful diamonds, but also a variety of diamond related activities.

Diamond activities
We offer the most upscale VIP Diamond Tour through our diamond polishing factory. Experience the same treatment we gave all our Royal guests when they visited us back in the days and still do.

We also provide a couple of workshops for those who truly appreciate diamonds. In the Diamond Workshop, you’ll learn the basics of the art of diamond polishing. Of course you can keep the diamond you polished. The Diamond Masterclass is for those who already have a bit of experience and want to master the craft of diamond cutting and polishing completely. This exclusive activity is hosted and organized by the expert and head of our polishing department Paulien Willemse. Ms. Willemse holds an international record regarding diamond polishing techniques that was included in the Guinness Book of Records.

For couples who want to celebrate something important like an engagement, anniversary or another remarkable occasion, we recommend the Engagement Workshop. This exclusive workshop is for just two people. Optionally, it includes an engagement ring or other impressive diamond piece.

Something truly special for groups is the diamond surprise tour which is an all-time favorite group activity. Your party learns everything about diamonds and drink champagne. But the best part is that one of your members goes home with a real diamond.

We have the largest diamond stock in all of Europe. This means that we can fulfill your diamond needs to an absolute optimum. Whether you are looking for loose diamonds or that one special diamond piece of jewelry – we have it. Even custom designs on the spot are possible.

Moreover, we have the absolute best diamond cut: our own patented Royal 201. Experts consider this brilliant diamond cut the most beautiful cut ever made. The 201 facets in this shape act like tiny mirrors when they reflect the light in a stunning way. Everyone who ever laid eyes on a Royal 201 was immediately in love. Discover the enchanting effect of the Royal 201 yourself at Royal Coster Diamonds – creating beauty for centuries.

Paulus Potterstraat 2, 1071 CZ Amsterdam


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